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Hong Yu - Red Jade - Black Tea

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A black tea unlike any other and uniquely Taiwanese. This tea is produced from local cultivar Tai Cha #18, which was developed by the Yuchi Tea Research and Extension Station in 1999 through crossing a Burmese assamica variety with a local Taiwanese wild mountain variety, the latter also being known as camellia sinensis var. formosensis. The assamica variety has a long history in Taiwan, being first introduced in the 1920’s during Japanese rule as they sought to set up their own black tea production. Across their empire, they found the area around Sun Moon Lake to be the most suitable, with climatic conditions here similar to those in Assam. The local wild mountain variety has a far older history. It has been consumed by Taiwanese indigenous peoples for centuries and was first documented by the Dutch in 1645 and later by the Qing court in 1717. It is this variety that provides the signature menthol and cinnamon notes to the hybrid. Our tea is from a small-batch farming family who have switched away from unsustainable, shallow-rooted betel palm cultivation and joined the Taiwanese black tea revival. Also known as Ruby black tea.


● Harvest: 1st week September 2021
● Location: Yuchi, Nantou County, Taiwan
● Altitude: 600-800m
● Cultivar: Hong Yu

● Method: hand-picked
● Pluck: bud plus 1-3 leaves
● Oxidation: 90-100%
● Roast: none

Tasting notes

● Dry leaf: twisted and wiry whole leaves, dark taupe brown colour with purple undertones
● Wet leaf: unfurls partially, lightly crushed
● Liquor: jasper colour, deep orange-brown hue

● Dry leaf: camphorwood, raw honey, rosehip
● Wet leaf: menthol, eucalyptus, cinnamon
● Empty cup: malt, nectar

● Taste: raw walnut, pine resin, peppercorn
● Aftertaste: thyme, liquorice, basil
● Mouthfeel: clean, structured, low astringency

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Brewing tips

The following tips are for your guidance.
Please feel free to adjust to taste.

Gongfu style
● 4-5g per 100ml at 95-100°C (205-212°F)
● 15-20 secs for 1st steep
● add 5-10 secs for each re-steep
● 6-8 steeps total

Western style
● 1-1.2g per 100ml at 100°C (212°F)
● 2 mins for 1st steep
add 30-60 secs for each re-steep
2-3 steeps total

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