tea leaves on a bamboo tray during the oolong oxidation process

Loose leaf

Taiwan tea


F R E E   W O R L D W I D E   S H I P P I N G
O N   O R D E R S   O V E R   U S $ 5 0


My go to shop for Taiwan teas! Honestly, I find that most vendors selling multiple origins can’t match the quality of those offering single origin… These guys prove my point.

- James Miller
New York, USA

Love the tasting notes and flavour wheel. Thought they were quite accurate too. Good job!

- Annie Leow
Melbourne, AUS

Was a bit surprised to see green and black teas here, but wow they didn’t disappoint! Would recommend others give them a try ;-)

- Marie Becker
Berlin, GER

Transparent harvest dates and location. Also involved with charity. It feels good buying here and supporting a responsible business.

- Sean Bailey
San Jose, USA

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What makes us different? For each purchase you make, we donate to charity. All our packaging is compostable. And all shipments are carbon offset.

Now you can really feel good about the tea you are drinking. You have our word.