Brewing chart

oolongtime loose leaf tea brewing chart
Some of you tea veterans are likely already well aware of how you like to brew the good stuff, whereas some others here might just be dipping their toes into the vast world of loose leaf tea.
In any case, sometimes it can be helpful to have a starting point for how to properly brew your teas. Brewing is by no means an exact science and it is highly encouraged that you experiment with the various parameters in order to find a style that best matches your preferences.
The parameters that are within your control to experiment with are the leaf-to-water ratio, steeping times, number of infusions and water temperature. Although there really is no right or wrong, we should note that it is best to stick with the recommended temperature so as to avoid producing a thin or overly bitter brew. As for the number of infusions, well, that is entirely up to you, as long as the leaves keep on producing a brew you like, then just keep steeping...
We have made this downloadable oolongtime loose leaf tea brewing chart to help you on your way!