About us

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Our mission

We focus only on loose leaf teas from Taiwan. We do not offer bagged teas, nor teas from other origins, nor teaware. We believe that this focus allows us to do what we do best, which is seek out the highest quality single-origin tea and manage the relationships we have with our partners and farmers.
Although small in size, Taiwan is big in tea, with over 25,000 tea farms, producing many thousands of different teas. Among such vast choice, our value is to provide you with a small and tailored selection that is consistent in quality, from harvest to harvest.
We select based on flavour and aroma. However, we also strive to especially choose from smallholder farmers who use sustainable methods and preserve traditional practices.
And last but not least, we donate to charity, use entirely eco-friendly packaging and carbon offset all our shipping. So, take a moment, relax, and know that with each sip, you are helping us give back.
We hope you enjoy our teas.

Our story

Hi, my name is VZ. I’ve been in Taiwan on and off since 2010 and these days call Taipei my home. The incredible hospitality, complex history, raw nature, and of course tea culture, this small island in the Pacific just kept drawing me back.
So, in 2016, I decided to give up a career in finance and return here to make an attempt at entrepreneurship and combine my passions for healthy living, nurturing our planet and giving back.
A long-time self-proclaimed tea geek looking for a way to live by his values, whilst also sharing a bit of Taiwan and its culture with the world – and thus, I started oolongtime.


For each purchase you make, we donate 10% of profits to charity, mainly working with those that are engaged in sustainable land use and empowering the vulnerable within the tea farming community.

Compostable packaging

Our bags are made from 100% bio-based materials. The exterior from kraft paper. The inner lining from PLA, a bioplastic derived from fermented corn starch. As a result, our packaging is both biodegradable, and going one step further, also compostable.

Carbon offsetting

We carbon offset all our shipping through WWF's Gold Standard, donating to their forestry projects.