We work with a few non-profits, seeking a balance between global and local. We have chosen those that focus on sustainable land use and empowering the vulnerable within the tea farming community.
It is these causes that are most relevant to us and where we strive to make a positive contribution.
Our commitment is to donate 10% of profits.
Donations are spread evenly, one quarter each, among the below four organisations.
taiwan handpicked tea harvest


The Rainforest Alliance is the world's leading certification body for sustainable forestry and agriculture, operating in over 60 countries. Their seal is awarded to farms and businesses that meet their strict environmental and social standards. Their mission is to fight deforestation and climate change, as well as build economic opportunities and better working conditions for rural people.
Fairtrade International is the world's most recognised and trusted sustainable trading standard and ethical label, covering 1.7 million farmers and workers across 75 countries. Its aim is to transfer wealth back to disadvantaged producers in developing countries. This is principally achieved through ensuring fairer terms of trade, setting producer minimum prices, and by protecting labour rights.


The Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation is committed to promoting a healthy environment and improving the livelihoods of farming communities, specifically through the principles of organic agriculture. They train and support farmers in adopting sustainable production methods, as well as certify environmentally friendly farms. In addition, they are active in hosting tree planting initiatives.
The Environmental Quality Protection Foundation is Taiwan's main environmental NGO. Their goal is to improve the quality of the environment through education. Projects include developing teaching programmes and online courses, initiating public awareness campaigns, as well as organising tree planting missions. They are an annual participant at United Nations Climate Conferences.
woman processing tea leaves

Our future goals

In addition to giving to the above causes, going forward we aim to also start organising our own charity events. Currently, however, oolongtime is pretty much a one-person team and it is difficult to find time to put together an initiative.
However, as we grow with your support, we plan to organise local events in Taiwan whereby we approach middle & high schools from the Taipei area and get city kids to spend a day in the mountains immersing themselves in nature. Cooperating with our partner tea farms, these kids would learn how to sustainably plant and grow veggies, fruit and even tea saplings.
We strongly believe that in order to help our planet, we need to increase our connection with the land and this seed is best planted young.
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