dong ding frozen summit oolong tea
dong ding frozen summit dry tea leaves
dong ding frozen summit tea liquor in cup
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Dong Ding - Frozen Summit - Oolong Tea

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If there is one tea that sums up what Taiwanese tea is all about, then this one is it. Its history goes back to 1855 when a local officer brought back tea seedlings from a trip to the Wuyi Mountains, Fujian province, China. Since then, his home town of Lugu and the surrounding villages have become a center of tea production in Taiwan, boasting the highest concentration of tea artisans across the whole island. The tea here is grown at an altitude of up to 800m and although just short of being officially considered high-mountain tea, it nevertheless manages to display nearly all of the same delicate floral notes. During processing, it is allowed to oxidise into the mid-range, bringing out fruity and woody notes. It is then finished off with a nice roast, developing sweet and smokey notes. To top it all off, the fertile red soils in the area are full of minerals, which get absorbed into the tea plant and leaf material and are responsible for providing a delightful, lingering finish. The end result is an incredibly well-balanced and full-bodied oolong. This one might just be our personal favourite in the shop! Sometimes also spelled as Tung Ting.


● Harvest: 2nd week April 2021
● Location: Yonglong, Nantou County, Taiwan
● Altitude: 600-800m
● Cultivar: Qing Xin

● Method: hand-picked
● Pluck: bud plus 2-3 leaves
● Oxidation: 30-40%
● Roast: medium

Tasting notes

● Dry leaf: tightly rolled curls of varying size, dark kelp green colour
● Wet leaf: unfurls minimally, bruised edges
● Liquor: marigold colour, deep orange hue

● Dry leaf: roasted chestnut, sawdust, raw vanilla
● Wet leaf: baked cherry, biscuit, raspberry
● Empty cup: gardenia, toffee

● Taste: taro, raisin
● Aftertaste: hazelnut, acorn, wet stone
● Mouthfeel: thick, oily, low-med astringency

dong ding frozen summit flavour wheel by oolongtime

Brewing tips

The following tips are for your guidance.
Please feel free to adjust to taste.

Gongfu style
● 5-6g per 100ml at 95°C (205°F)
● 5-10 secs to rinse
● 20-30 secs for 1st steep
● add 10-15 secs for each re-steep
● 6-8 steeps total

Western style
● 1.2-1.5g per 100ml at 95-100°C (205-212°F)
● 2-3 mins for 1st steep
add 30-60 secs for each re-steep
2-3 steeps total

What our customers say

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Liam Hughes
A bit of everything

Nicely balanced between flowery, nutty, sweet and smoky. A distinctly sweet aftertaste that doesn't kick in straight away but after a few minutes on the sides of the tongue. Got a good session out of this, the roasted flavors being more prominent in the early infusions and the later infusions having more nutty and woody flavors. The order came with a brew chart and tea tasting wheel which was a nice extra.

Lieke de Jong
cherry pie

So true, it really does remind me of cherry pie! :-)

Andreas Bauer
imo better than high mountain oolongs

Lots of folks always hype Taiwan high mountain oolongs. In my opinion, this is just as good, if not better!

Emma Barnes
complete and well-rounded

Lovely. Very complete tea. When you open the bag, there is of course that smokiness, but in a good way like something is getting a nice roast in the oven. The wet leaves don't have that smoke, they rather smell like fruit preserves or jam. Yum. The empty cup has such a sweet smell, like nectar from a flower. After two-three infusions the flavours start getting more bold, like raw nuts, which results in a slight catch at the back of the throat. I find this pleasant, shows the tea has body. Great on a rainy day.