mo li hua jasmine green tea
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Mo Li Hua - Jasmine - Green Tea

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Another classic. This tea is practically synonymous with scented tea. Its other name, Xiang Pian, can actually be loosely translated as Scented Petals. Our green tea comes from the Three Gorges area, northern Taiwan, and is harvested during spring. The jasmine flowers come from Changhua County, southern Taiwan, and are typically harvested at the height of summer. Timing is everything. First, the farmers must wait for the dew to evaporate from the flowers. Then, they must wait until the day is at its hottest, as this ensures the flower buds will be closed tightly and all their aromas locked in. These delicate flowers are then hand-picked and taken to where the green tea has been waiting. First, the tea leaves are spread across breathable, multi-layered tarps. Next, the flowers are scattered over the leaves and left overnight. Once the air cools, the flower buds open up. The dry, hygroscopic tea leaves then absorb their moisture and aroma. In the morning, the flowers are blown off. In the evening, a new round of fresh flowers is scattered. For our tea, this process is repeated up to 5 rounds. Finally, after the last round, the flowers are removed altogether, as by now the tea leaves are bursting with jasmine aroma. Highly fragrant, this tea also works great for cold brewing.


● Harvest: 3rd week April 2021
● Location: Sanxia, New Taipei City, Taiwan
● Altitude: 300-500m
● Cultivar: Qing Xin Gan Zai

● Method: machine-picked
● Pluck: bud plus 1-3 leaves
● Oxidation: 0-10%
● Roast: none

Tasting notes

● Dry leaf: twisted and slightly shredded leaves, dark fern green colour
● Wet leaf: unfurls fully, unbruised
● Liquor: goldenrod colour, yellow-orange hue

● Dry leaf: persimmon, starfruit, lychee
● Wet leaf: fresh fig, sage, rosemary
● Empty cup: jasmine, raisins

● Taste: dry grass, resin, spearmint
● Aftertaste: eucalyptus, bark
● Mouthfeel: juicy, tingly, med-high astringency

mo li hua jasmine green tea flavour wheel by oolongtime

Brewing tips

The following tips are for your guidance.
Please feel free to adjust to taste.

Gongfu style
● 3-4g per 100ml at 80-85°C (175-185°F)
● 20-30 secs for 1st steep
● add 5-10 secs for each re-steep
● 3-5 steeps total

Western style
● 0.8-1g per 100ml at 85°C (185°F)
● 2 mins for 1st steep
add 30-60 secs for each re-steep
1-3 steeps total

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Based on 1 review
Emily Chen
Fresh and bursting with jasmine aroma

The tea came in nice little brown ziplock bags. As soon as I opened the jasmine green tea, the air just filled with a lovely, delicate floral aroma. The green tea itself tasted fresh and the jasmine notes were not overpowering but rather well balanced. The later steeps do tend to get slightly astringent, so probably best to just follow the brewing instructions. Looking forward to getting some of the osmanthus fragrance next time.