Compostable packaging

Our stand-up, re-sealable zipper bags are made from 100% bio-based materials and entirely non-toxic. The exterior is made from kraft paper. The interior lining is made from polylactic acid (PLA), a bioplastic derived from fermented corn starch.
Our shipping boxes are made from corrugated fiberboard. The sealing tape is made from kraft paper and coated with a natural rubber adhesive.
As a result, all our packaging is both biodegradable, and going one step further, also compostable.
Biodegradability simply means that with the help of microorganisms the packaging will decompose into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass. Compostability means that under optimised conditions it will achieve near full biodegradation within a specified – and much shorter – time period, as well as leave behind a nutrient-rich end product in the form of compost.
The preferred methods for recycling our packaging are outlined below. It also goes without saying that we encourage re-using our bags.
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Home composting

Our packaging is suitable for composting in your home compost bin or backyard compost heap.
The bags hold the OK compost HOME label, and have been certified by TÜV AUSTRIA (formerly Vinçotte). This certification means that the bags will disintegrate at least 90% within 6 months, and biodegrade at least 90% within 12 months, when kept at an ambient temperature of 20-30°C.
Remember, the decomposition process is aided by shredding the bags, maintaining a moist environment by adding water, and ensuring proper aeration through regularly turning the compost.

Industrial composting

Our packaging can also be disposed of by sending it to your local industrial composting facility.
The bags meet the criteria of both technical standards CEN EN13432 (EU) and ASTM D6400 (USA), and have been certified by DIN CERTCO. This certification means that the bags will biodegrade at least 90% within 3-6 months at any industrial or municipal composting facility.

Conventional recycling

If neither of the above two options are feasible, our packaging should be discarded by following conventional recycling methods.
The bags can be recycled under plastics resin identification code #7 or OTHER. The shipping box, with the kraft paper sealing tape left on, can be recycled under paper identification code #20 or PAP.

Kraft paper

The kraft paper component in our bags comes from responsibly managed forests and holds the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) mark, and has been certified by Bureau Veritas.
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