si ji chun four seasons spring oolong tea
si ji chun four seasons spring dry tea leaves
si ji chun four seasons spring tea liquor in cup
si ji chun four seasons spring wet tea leaves floating in cup


Si Ji Chun - Four Seasons Spring - Oolong Tea

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Cheap and cheerful! However, don’t let the price fool you. The first three infusions in particular punch well above their weight, although it does tend to fade somewhat thereafter. Still, this is some of the best value-for-money tea you will find anywhere and our top pick daily drinker. Discovered in 1985 by a tea farmer in the Muzha area, when among his Tie Guan Yin bushes, he noticed a few that were particularly fast-growing. Closer examination revealed this natural, semi-wild hybrid to be a cross between the Hong Xin Wai Wei Tao and Qing Xin cultivars. It was quickly adopted by other tea farmers throughout the island, all of whom praised its impressive yield and ability to produce a consistent quality each harvest. It was said that it would produce one harvest per season, and each one would taste like the spring harvest. It is therefore no surprise that this cultivar was dubbed Four Seasons Spring. Although Si Ji Chun is one of the “three daughters” of Taiwan teas, unlike its other two sisters, it was not developed by the Tea Research and Extension Station and thus does not hold a TRES number. The affordable price point is explained by the fact that it is machine harvested in the lower elevation flatlands of south Taiwan. This cultivar is popular as a base in the bubble tea market and is also unique for having a somewhat spicy edge. Otherwise known as Four Seasons Springtime or simply Four Seasons.


● Harvest: 1st week April 2021
● Location: Mingjian, Nantou County, Taiwan
● Altitude: 300-400m
● Cultivar: Si Ji Chun

● Method: machine-picked
● Pluck: bud plus 2-4 leaves
● Oxidation: 10-20%
● Roast: none

Tasting notes

● Dry leaf: tightly rolled curls of varying size, dark avocado green colour
● Wet leaf: unfurls fully, lightly bruised edges
● Liquor: icterine colour, pale yellow-green hue

● Dry leaf: bamboo, green apple
● Wet leaf: gardenia, honeysuckle, freesia
● Empty cup: jaggery

● Taste: cucumber, almond milk
● Aftertaste: snow pea, kale, oregano
● Mouthfeel: piquant, oily, medium astringency

si ji chun four seasons spring flavour wheel by oolongtime

Brewing tips

The following tips are for your guidance.
Please feel free to adjust to taste.

Gongfu style
● 5-6g per 100ml at 90°C (195°F)
● 5-10 secs to rinse
● 20-30 secs for 1st steep
● add 10-15 secs for each re-steep
● 4-5 steeps total

Western style
● 1.2-1.5g per 100ml at 90°C (195°F)
● 2-3 mins for 1st steep
add 30-60 secs for each re-steep
1-2 steeps total

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Lauren Taylor
Superb value tea

I just added this one to get my shopping cart up to 50 dollars to get free shipping, not really expecting too much from this tea... But, I was wrong! It's like they say in the description, excellent value for money and although it didn't have the depth/longevity to do a full 5-10 infusions session, the first 3 infusions were just as good as you would expect from any other lightly oxidized oolong.